(Ghost)Busting Bullshit

Let me begin by saying that I’m not a fan of the new cast selection for the Ghostbusters remake for one reason.

I’m not big on who’s who in Hollywood (I’m not just out of the loop. I can’t even see where the loop is), so I don’t know who the Hell they are.

Now, moving beyond that, I’m always wary of reboots and remakes as they have a habit of not living up to the originals. What I find interesting about this particular reboot/remake is that they are forced to do something different with the primary characters due to the making the characters all female. This, to me, says that they’re going to take things in a different direction. I want to see where they take it. Some people don’t want the franchise to change. That’s fine. People are allowed to feel that way about something that was possibly a big part of their childhoods.

All of that said, here’s where we get to what’s pissing me off.

The shitstorm that’s been kicked up because it’s four women that will be the Ghostbusters.

Among the accusations that have been thrown around are:

“They’re ruining my childhood!”

“They’re just doing it to placate the feminazis!”

“These women are going to ruin the Ghostbusters Franchise”

“It’s just a gender flipped gimmick!”


I’m going to go through these and pull them apart one by one.


“They’re ruining my childhood!” 

I’m sorry, but if your childhood can be ruined by one movie, then your childhood was already on the way to Ruinedsville. There is no magical time travelling device lodged in this movie that is going to change the first two movies in the franchise, nor is the film going to be a continuation of the others. This is a different project using some of the same details as the first film.

“They’re just doing it placate the feminazis!”

First up, feminazis aren’t a thing. What you’re thinking of is “women who won’t sit down and accept patriarchal bullshit.” Secondly, so fucking what if they are? How dare a movie put forth the premise that half of the population can actually do something as well as the other half, even if that particular profession is ENTIRELY FUCKING FICTIONAL! What? I hear you say. They’re putting forth a movie that isn’t focused on white males (plus a token non-white)? This might be a little hard for people to understand, but there are worlds of demographics that aren’t being represented in film today. If this movie takes even ONE step in correcting that, then I think that it’s a thing that need to happen.

“These women are going to ruin the Ghostbusters franchise.” 

Now, there are two parts of this that I want to attack. First up, it ain’t going to be the same. Too much time has passed and everyone is getting older and less able to capture what made the first film work. Secondly, Harold Ramis is dead, so you’re not going to get all of the original Ghostbusters (For fuck’s sake, even if there was some way to get Ramis into the film, things don’t exactly end well for dead people in the Ghostbusters movies, now do they?). Time, circumstance and an audience that has grown up all mean that even creating the same magic that the other films had won’t do much because you’re not the same person as you were when you watched Ghostbusters 1 and 2.

Also, why is it only the women cast that are going to destroy the film? I hate to break it to people, but if there is a shitty script or an inept crew, the best performances in the world couldn’t save it. There are countless people involved with this film, so putting the blame on the shoulders of four people in the cast, even if they are the title characters just makes you an asshole.

“It’s just a gender-flipped gimmick!” 

All I’ve got to say to this is HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! All that it takes to have a film be “gimmicky” is for women to have the leads? Appealing to people that want to see women in the lead roles is a “gimmick?” There is a very special “Fuck you” for those folks that actually feel this way. Hell, even if it IS a gimmick, how is that going to make things any more unbelievable than a bunch of people that make a living out of capturing ghosts and storing them in a spectral containment device? That is a fine premise for a movie as long as it’s not women doing it? Think about that for a minute and let it REALLY sink in

Folks, there may be some valid reasons why people are against the Ghostbusters reboot, but I’ve heard nothing but misogynist tripe so far.

Southern Howler, signing out.


~ by southernhowler on January 31, 2015.

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